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At Growlerz, we understand that dog socialization is crucial for your furry friend's overall well-being and happiness. Located in the heart of a dog-friendly city, we offer a variety of services and events designed to ensure your dog is comfortable, active, and well-socialized. From play parks to training sessions, and even fun events for owners, Growlerz is the perfect place for your dog to thrive. Here’s why socialization is essential and how we can help.

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Established in 2019, Growlerz has quickly become a haven for dogs and dog owners in Seattle. Offering a unique take on dog daycare services, Growlerz is a place where dogs and their humans can make friends, enjoy fun events, and relax with craft beers. Our commitment to safety is paramount, ensuring peace of mind for every dog owner. Here's how we maintain a safe, enjoyable environment for your furry companions.


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